Really Liking Indaba

Wow!  in just 24 hours i’ve had over 100 plays to my remix and 23 likes! My remix –>
I think there’s so much more community support for the musicians at Indaba.  I think I’ll continue to do more remixes with them.

Last night I spent some time updating some of my software – adding more banks to my Synth1 and also adding a few other VSTs/AUs to my library.  I added Cakewalk z3ta +  for synths, izotope ozone 4 for mastering.  I don’t really know how to use them yet, but i’ll learn.  Thank you YouTube for tutorials that share what good VSTs are.  Also if anyone else is trying to install the z3ta+, I initially couldn’t get it to load properly on Ableton Live 9, but after some digging, you just need to change the preferences under the Files tab, to show “AU” and then rescan, and the software shows up in the same area that you find your plugins!  Hope this helps anyone else having issues with the program.

I found this cool site for a list of free VST’s, which I downloaded a few :

My next remix is going to be Phoenix – Entertainment.  If you haven’t heard it yet:

Phoenix is awesome and shared their stems to the song.  If you’re interested to try remixing them  – check it out:

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