Now this is Vacation…

Hey Friends! I’ve got a couple tracks that are in voting period right now. If you hadn’t had a chance to vote, please come support! Just gotta click the blue “vote” button and that’s in (Indaba uses Facebook as the platform, so no signing up needed) You all are super awesome! ♥

1. Big Blue Wave Remix:
Listen Here:
Vote Here:

2. Survivor (Hertz Original Car Commercial):
Listen Here:
Vote Here:


Meanwhile on an update on Day 3 of my Vancouver vacation:

1.  I ran 6 miles around Stanley Park this morning 🙂

2. Found some little fishies that needed to get out!

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  • Cool beats! Are you currently working on any original productions or just remixes?

    • I do have some originals on the way – Survivor is an original actually but I’m working on more of a synthpop sound for my next original – we’ll see!

      • Oh okay, cool. I dig your Big Blue Wave remix though! I know this channel called MrSuicideSheep on YouTube that plays electronic music from new artists all the time. You should submit some of your beats to them! It will definitely give you some good exposure 🙂

        • Oh that’s great, thanks so much for the suggestion – I will definitely do that. Its the hardest thing to get exposure. I recently tried submitting my Phoenix entertainment remix to several blogs, but didn’t get any feedback 🙁 but persistence will eventually pay off so I’ll keep trying and check out that YouTube channel you suggested! Many thanks!

  • poetryinanemptycokecan
    5 years ago

    Wow, I love what you’ve done with the Hey Ocean remix! Almost unrecognizable from the original – but I prefer your version 🙂

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