The Start of Something New: DJ EC Mixtapes


Taking a break from producing at the moment, I’ve decided to put more time into creating my first DJ live mix.  I always thought that it would be easy to pick up but its really like learning to play piano; the only way to perfect it is to practice.  Hours. Days.  Eventually, I’d like to play somewhere this year, so I’ll be working on it more.  But DJ’ing has also opened my eyes to a whole new creative aspect of producing; it really helped me gain a better ear for beats.  If you like what you hear please send me some love on Facebook, I’d really like to spread my music around and can’t thank you guys enough for it 🙂

>> I’ve been recently into nudisco and disco house sounds, so I’ve compiled over an hour’s worth of sweet sounds for you to enjoy, dance, and groove to:

I’m a controller kind of girl:  Traktor Pro 2, Traktor S4

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