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This week’s exclusive MOARRR mix is coming Washington DC, courtesy of one of the most talented US newcomers this year, the lovely Eau Claire. Hit the PLAY button and find out what she told us about her breakthrough, the US scene and DC.

MOARRR: 2015 seems to be a fairytale for you, quite a breakthrough. Tell us about your background, and how was all this from your point of view?

EAU CLAIRE: 2015 certainly has been the most amazing year for me.  It all happened so fast; one moment I was struggling to get into local venues for shows and the next i’m playing my first music festival in front of thousands. I started from training in classical piano since the age of four but I didn’t pursue production seriously until 2012.  It’s kind of funny what motivated me to start writing music; I broke up with a guy and was watching the movie Pitch Perfect and while I was watching the movie I realized that I wanted to write music and could do so like Anna Kendrick did in the movie.  So researched what equipment I needed to get started and using my knowledge in music theorey I started experimenting with sounds.  Moon Boots and Goldroom were my influences at the time which helped me decide on the direction of my music.  a year later I felt ready to try DJing so I hopped on the decks at the local dive bar, Dodge City with DJ Provoke and I absolutely loved it!  I knew I wanted to continue to perform but even more was to keep working on my productions so that I could eventually play them out.  Fast forward to today and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to travel to several destinations in North and South America to play my own music out!

MOARRR What are you working on these days?


I’ve got so many projects going on at the moment.  I just recently finished up two remixes which should be available very soon.  One of the remixes is for LA band Phases which will be tentatively released via Warner Brother Records in October , and the other remix completed is for UK band Televisor for an unreleased single.  In addition i’m working on original material for my debut EP which I am very excited for!

MOARRR: What’s your opinion about the US scene of  the moment? It’s getting exciting overthere…


The US scene is amazing and I couldn’t be luckier to be here with all the amazing opportunities to perform and all the talented artists.  Everyone I have met has been very supportive and it really motivates me to keep pursing music production.  There’s  wealth of music festivals (albeit a little over saturated) but it really gives fans the ability to learn about new music and it gives artists more ability to be visible to their fans.  I’ve never been to Europe so I don’t have anything to compare to but I think the US has some great music.  I think the US/North American based artists are great at experimenting with new sounds and paving new paths for styles and genres of music.

MOARRR: Tell us about the concept of this mix…


I put a lot of time into my mixes and selecting the tracks and for me its about sharing that positive feel-good energy.


What’s going on in Washington DC in these days? Please recommend few art, cultural, music things for MOARRR readers who are visiting the city in these days.


There is so much happening in DC and I feel like the luckiest girl to be in this city.  I have so much support from artists and fans and definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at with out such a great network.  Music aside, we have a wealth of museums to visit (that are always free to go to) and I would recommend the museum of natural history and the air and space museum.  We also have amazing memorials that should not be missed if visiting the city – Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and the Washington Monument.  Also if you come in the next few days the Pope is in town 🙂

MOARRR: Where can people see you next time?


Catch me up next playing in my home town – Washington, DC at the 9:30 Club on 11/6 supporting Bakermat on his Bon Voyage Tour. I can’t reveal this now but I have some big show announcements for 2016 as well which I’ll make sure to share on my Facebook page!


Mystery Skulls – Magic (Mozambo Extended Version)
Leland – Full Time (Keljet Remix)
Pineapple Pop – RVLTN (Bit Funk Remix)
Morrt – All Night
Total Giovanni – Can’t Control My Love (Le Nonsense Remix)
Robosonic, Purple Disco Machine – Viel Fein (Original Mix)
Aeroplane – Dancing With Each Other (Original Mix)
Purple Disco Machine – Where We Belong (Original Mix)
Junior, Baumon – Don’t Listen Much (Radio Version)
franskild – Need Me (Original Mix)
KARTELL – Attracted
One Bit – Won’t Hold Back (Soleil Mix Edit)
Frances – Fire May Save You (Cesare Remix (Soleil Mix Edit))
Citizens! – Waiting for Your Lover (Kokiri Remix (Soleil Mix Edit))




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